Thursday, 17 June 2010

Our Environment, We Must Care!

Please swear to preserve the divinely gifted scenic beauty of the nature!

We are the main cause of the earth’s climate change because of the ever growing number of automobiles, the number of trees that we cut and our extreme dependence on fossil fuels.
Our Environment, We Must Care!
It is the time to wake up and do something about it:

1. Use public transport wherever possible, don't go out for each and every time you need something; get them done at one single trip on one day.

2. Unplug electronic devices when they are not in use, turning off lights when
leaving the room.

3. Switching to energy efficient lighting, regulating home temperature, and using microwaves rather than conventional ovens.

Parasites suck the life of the plants or animals they live on, and if that plant or animal dies, the parasite does not have a place to live. Now human beings are becoming parasites on planet Earth.

We must preserve our environment as much as we can so that we won't be cursed by the future generations

Nasar Mahin
Jeddah - 17 Jun 10

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